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North Avenue Studios is a creative audio space in DeLand, FL. We are here to facilitate your inner artist, and help bring out what makes you,  you

How can we help you?

We have a great selection of modern and vintage gear available to help you get the sound you’re looking for. From our 80’s analog synthesizer collection, to our hand-wired tube compressors, we’re sure there’s something that will make your ear drums rip a mean solo.
Let our experienced mix engineers give your songs the treatment they deserve. Whether your home recordings need some sprucing up through our boutique analog gear, or you just need another ear, we’re here for you.
Have great songs but don’t know what to do with them? Come sit down with us and we’ll figure it out together. With our years of experience guiding songs from bedrooms to record stores, we’ll be able to assist in bringing your vision to fruition. Our catalog of studio musicians, composers, beat makers, and noise specialists is sure to fit your most niche needs.

Take a look around!

Some friends who have dropped by our place.

Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, William McDowell, The 1975, Bombay Bicycle Club, Thomas Wynn & The Believers, Lucero, Hundred Waters, Roadkill Ghost Choir, Reptar, Saskatchewan, Fat Night, Day Joy, Minus the Bear, Cursive, Here We Go Magic, YACHT, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, Tycho, Deltron 3030, Good Graeff, You Blew It!, Frightened Rabbit, King Tuff, Man Man, Heartless Bastards, Helio Sequence

I always feel like there’s something magic in recording studios. There’s a reason good music continues to be made in them. It’s just some mojo element.

- Rick Rubin -

Gear Nerds, Rejoice!


Aurora Audio GTQ-2,
Chandler Germanium
Chandler EMI
Daking Mic Pre/EQ
API 512 Lunchbox
John Hardy M-1
SSL GChannel


Manley Reference Gold
Bock 195
Royer 121
Shure SM 81
Audix D6
Neumann TLM 103
Shure sm57
Sennheiser 421
Sennheiser e609
EV N/D468


Crane Song STC-8
Pendulum Audio ES-8
API 2500
SSL Bus Compressor
Tube-Tech CL-1B
Empirical Labls Distressor
Universal Audio 1176


Manley Massive Passive
API 5500
SSL GChannel EQ
Empirical Labs Lil’ Freq


Rhodes 73 Suitcase
Mesa Boogie 4×10 PH Bass Cab
1968 Fender Bassman Cab/Amp Combo
1978 Fender Bassman Super 135
1967 Gibson ES-330
Sekova Hollowbody Bass
PRS 408
Orange AD30 Cab/Amp Combo
Fender 65 Twin Reverb
Roland Juno 106
Yamaha DX7
Akai AX80
Korg Electribe
Custom Keller Shell Drum Kit


Barefoot Micromain 27
SSL AWS 900 Console
Digidesign 192
Furman Headphone Distribution
Whirlwind Solderless Patchbay
Mac Pro


Pro Tools 10
Logic 9
Reason 4
Steven Slate
+ more

Rates and Booking

At North Avenue Studios, we realize your needs are unique to your project. That is why we keep our rates flexible. Call us to give us an idea of the scope of your project, and we will match you with the personnel and services that best suit your needs, and your budget. Or better yet, make an appointment for a tour of the facilities.

Our work

here are some samples of what happens at NAS

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